Cell One Partners Announces Formal Launch of Consulting Services to Assist Cell and Gene Therapy Development Companies Advance Towards Commercialization

NEW YORK, New York – March  21, 2019 – Cell One Partners announced today the formal launch of consulting services focused on enabling cell and gene therapy development companies to more quickly and efficiently advance towards their most important goal – commercialization of their therapies. Established by industry veteran George S. Goldberger, Cell One Partners combines a hands-on client team with a network of world-renown strategic advisors and industry insiders to offer unparalleled depth of experience and expertise in all aspects of cell and gene therapy development. Mr. Goldberger was involved in the founding of PCT, now known as Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions. Cell One leadership team members include Alexander Voss, formerly of PharmaCell B.V, now part of the Lonza Group, Rob Dickey IV and David Schloss, representing exceptional c-suite level expertise in management, finance and human resources, respectively.

“Our goal is to assist cell and gene therapy companies link their science to the goal of a winning strategy for commercialization within a dynamic and rapidly evolving global landscape,” said Goldberger. “Cell One’s unique combination of scientific and commercial expertise effectively guides our clients’ groundbreaking scientific research along every step, from the laboratory to the clinic and to patients.”

Cell One Partners has been supporting clients since late 2018. Among the firm’s first clients were the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) based in Toronto, Canada and Celonic AG, based in Basel, Switzerland. 

“Cell One has proven to be a trusted and strategic partner,” said Michael May, Ph.D., President and CEO of CCRM. “The team provided us with valuable advice and a highly-informed perspective as we were gearing up to launch our good manufacturing practices facility. With an impressive roster of heavy-hitters from the cell and gene therapy industries now in place at Cell One and available to clients, I expect the firm will prove to be a great asset to current and future companies in our field.”

Cell One Partners supports all aspects of the development and commercialization pathway, including:

  • Clinical development plans

  • Product pipeline assessment

  • Manufacturing strategy and relationships

  • Management and organization strategies

  • Communications program development and execution

  • Regulatory and approval pathway development

  • Evaluation of options for in-licensing pipeline assets

Flexible engagement structures are tailored to specific client needs and offer:

  • Access to cell and gene therapy leaders and innovators

  • Strategic consulting and related management services

  • Comprehensive contract management services for emerging clients

Media Contact:

Christine Quern