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William Johnson 

Distinguished Research Scientist with Extensive Industry Experience

Career Highlights

  • Managing Partner, Boler Biotech Consulting

    • Provide strategic research and analysis for investors and clients with early-stage biotechnology companies

    • Advise management on business, market, financing and regulatory trends that may impact early stage companies

  • Expertise in sourcing, investigating and assessing scientific and market potential of new technologies/therapies and companies, as well as helping them start up, guide and oversee transactional and project finances of early-stage portfolio ventures

  • Broad-based scientific and therapeutic background – Strong credentials in molecular biology, immunology and bioinformatics; proven expertise with therapies targeting cancers, diabetes, arthritis, neurological disorders

  • Business expertise – As start-up equity partner, adviser to company leaders and boards, and due diligence leader, understands what makes for the “right” technology

  • Distinguished research credentials – For organizations including Novartis, Wyeth, EMD Millipore, the Broad Institute and Mayo Clinic, has played key roles in go/no-go technology/therapy pursuit decisions, identifying promising cellular targets for therapies, and validating success-critical laboratory results

  • Biotech/Pharma landscape navigation – Identified promising new technology and companies from industry conferences, academic and health care sources 


  • MS, Molecular Neuroscience: Mayo Clinic Graduate School

  • BS, Biology: University of Oregon

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