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Kunihiko Suzuki, MBA

Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Finance Expert

Career Highlights

  • Corporate Officer, MEDINET Co., Ltd. (served as CEO, CBO, Deputy President, Vice Chairman and Member of the Board over course of 15 years)

  • Member of the Board of Directors, Cyfuse Biomedical K.K.

  • Vice Chair and Member of the Board, Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine

  • Regional Treasurer 2020-2023, ISCT Asia

  • 20 years experience in Finance (Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Trust Banking)

  • Certified member analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan since 1991 

  • More than 15 years in RM/CGT as Management – Corporate Strategy & Planning, Finance, Business Development.

  • Founding member and management at FIRM (industrial advocacy) since 2011; Led collaborative relationships with other organizations including ARM, CCRM, CGT Catapult and ISCT


  • MBA: Keio University

  • MA, Economics: Waseda University

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